Of Fathers & Gods

A collection of short stories exploring the relationships between fathers and their children. The good, the bad, and the awful.


  • “Tender, Like My Heart” – A dying single father, in one of his last acts, gives his sixteen-year-old daughter a beat-up pistol. “If you ever find yourself up shit creek, then here’s your paddle.”
  • “Pocketknife” – Arriving unexpectedly, a man takes his twelve-year-old son out of school for ice cream. But the boy squirms as his father asks too many questions about his estranged wife’s love life.
  • “While Her Guitar Gently Weeps” – A young, expectant father is blindsided by tragedy and rages against God and life itself until he is offered a helping hand from an unexpected source.
  • “The Jackshit Bastards” – Fifty-year-old twins, survivors of foster care, war, and prison, fight over the wisdom of meeting the father who abandoned them as infants.

STATUS:  Eight stories finalized, three published or forthcoming, two in progress. Collection submitted to potential publisher for consideration.

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